What a marketing copywriter can do for you

Today, if you want to outrun your competition, you need to always stay alert and look for ways to improve. It’s not enough to have a high-quality product. It’s not enough to provide good customer service. You have to present your product the right way and make sure its image gets stuck in your customers’ heads.

Why, don’t you know how to do it? Of course, you don’t. Your job is to develop your business and be the entrepreneur you are. Mesmerizing customers with words is the job of a marketing copywriter – one that you can hire here.

What does a digital marketing copywriter do?

A marketing copywriter job description is rather simple. It’s a person that helps boost sales and reach business objectives through creating content for various digital platforms.

Do you want to launch a website? Run some banner ads? Send a couple of emails? Have a profile for your business on major social networks? A direct marketing copywriter will help you with all of the above mentioned plus a hundred of other types of content.

The regular steps of creating high-quality content, when worked on by an expert copywriter, are the following:


Researching and analyzing the target audience

Deciding on pain points that should be addressed in the piece

Writing an attention grabbing-headline

Structuring a piece of content to keep a reader’s attention from the first sentence to the last

Writing the content using copywriting best practices

Editing and proofreading


A copywriter will help reveal your products’ best features, present them in the most favorable light, and make sure the users are motivated enough to buy when they finish reading.

Experts available for hire

Being a network for copywriters with the highest qualification levels, we will take your business to the new heights and help you boost sales.

Here you can hire the following specialists:


A freelance marketing copywriter to write pages for your website, making them irresistible for your target audience

An email copywriter to bring new business through the most profitable marketing channel

A content marketing copywriter to grow your business through creating high-value educational content

A social media copywriter to rev-up your social media activity


Whatever it is you need, we’ll make sure to assign an appropriately qualified and experienced specialist to work on it.

What is a marketing copywriter salary?


If you are worried about the costs of covering a marketing copywriter salary, don’t – our rates are more than affordable. We have a fixed rate per page, which means you will know exactly how much the work of your copywriter will cost. It’s for you to decide whether it’s an affordable and necessary investment.

There probably are cheaper companies to use. Yet we wouldn’t recommend going for freelance marketplaces. Unlike what you’ll have at a marketplace, where users post marketing copywriter jobs, our company has its pick of the best writers online and maintains a high quality standard.

We take responsibility for the work we do. Place your order now and let us help you grow and earn.